Pentecost Legacy Offering

Give to sponsor the mission

Sunday, May 31 is Pentecost. For Christians, it is special to us because it was when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the early church. But it goes back much further than that. It is actually a Jewish feast that was established in the book of Exodus.

It was the second great feast in Israel’s yearly cycle of holy days, and commemorates the first fruits of the harvest.

The Legacy of Pentecost 

Pentecost is a special offering day – one that has been celebrated for thousands of years by people just like us. It is a day of harvest – a day to bring in the fruits of your harvest as an offering to the Lord.  It’s a day to listen to the sound in the wind – the voice that may be speaking to your heart right now. It is also a day of legacy, a day observed for many years celebrating what God has done. 

It is time to make a generous investment in the continued legacy of Abba’s House. On this campus, many have come to know the truth and saving grace of Jesus. From this campus, many teams have launched into our community to serve.  Even in this season of pandemic, we have assisted tornado victims, helped with meals for school kids who normally get free lunches, and we helped feed families in need. This is the kind of legacy Abba’s House has.  

The projects we are looking to accomplish this summer – renovating bathrooms, placing clear directional signage for guests, and removing a building that no longer has a cost benefit – are not off mission. They will help us walk forward in the legacy God has for Abba’s House.  The rich ministry that has been precious to us for years is alive and well today, in fact, it is renewed, refreshed and ready to charge forward. 

On Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Ronnie is going to ask you to join in an historic offering and be part of continuing this legacy.  

What Can You Do?

Think about what Abba’s House means to you. Let’s sponsor these campus improvements and walk forward into the future God has for us as a church.  Our goal is $150,000. That may sound like a lot, but it is not too big for our God!

Please pray and listen to the voice of the Spirit as He shows you what to give.