Berea Bible Institute & Seminary

Berea Bible Institute & Seminary was founded in 2005 by Alan Johnston and Dr. Ron Phillips. Berea enrolls students who are completing their degree programs through various innovative distance education learning formats and delivery systems. The school offers distance education courses, dispersed-residency intensive seminars, traditional classroom experiences and church‑centered Bible classes.

Programs & Degrees

Certificate programs - designed to meet individual or church need (15 hrs.)

Diploma in Religious Studies - regardless of former educational experience, this program allows the student to achieve academic recognition (30 hrs.)

Associate of Religious Studies - requires high school diploma and is a "two year" academic degree (60 hrs.) Bachelor of Religious Studies - requires high school diploma and the completion of 120 hrs.

Master of Biblical Studies - requires bachelors degree and designed for those serious students who seek to enhance their understanding of the Bible, develop a comprehensive Biblical worldview and desire to deepen their spiritual life (36 hrs.)

Master of Theology - requires bachelors degree and designed for those students who are in "professional" ministry positions or who want to prepare themselves for a ministerial/church related career (50 hrs.) 

Doctor of Ministry - a professional degree that combines the practical with the academic. Requires equiv­alent of the Master of Theology. Contains strong emphasis on practicum. (42 hrs.)

 For More Info

If you'd like more info on Berea, email Dr. Alan Johnston.