Alive + Free Women

Alive + Free Women  meet every month on Thursdays at 10:30am in F-411. Each month has a theme and a bible lesson. Periodically we'll meet in the evenings for special events.

April 25

Crush the Clutter in your Heart and Life

Join us for an evening edition of Alive + Free Women as we learn how to crush the clutter in our hearts and lives. @cluttercrusher Alana Coulter will teach you how to organize space and declutter a room. Dowdy Layne, LPC, MHSP, will talk about what a cluttered life may mean about your heart and life.  

Dowdy received her Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from the Psychological Studies Institute, which is known for integrating theology and psychology. Dowdy’s focus areas include marital issues, anxiety, depression, women’s issues, abuse recovery, codependency recovery, phase of life adjustments, couple communication, spiritual issues and conflict resolution.

Come join us 6:30pm in the Faith Building, room F-411 and crush the clutter in your heart and life!