For over 30 years through the broadcast mission efforts of Abba's House Media we have "...proclaimed the excellencies..” by television, radio and now by employing the additional use of the latest methods of communication available in our fast paced world. As a non-profit, prayer and faith driven organization, AHM relies upon partnership with ordinary people as a primary catalyst for accomplishing ministry. With the help of Partners and hands on volunteer support, we are accomplishing much for the Kingdom of God!

Today AHM is

  • Producing and distributing creative and innovative television ministry programs 
  • Making sermon resources available online and through podcasts
  • Publishing books and study guides through Abba’s House Publishing
  • Teaching through ministry products
  • Providing video services through Abba’s House Productions 
  • Streaming Abba’s House services and conferences live on the web
  • Meeting physical and spiritual needs through mission projects with Ronnie Phillips Ministries International
  • Supporting every local ministry endeavor at Abba’s House with marketing, advertising, creative production services and support

You can help! Become a Partner today!