About Us

Abba's House is a church in Hixson, TN with a vision dedicated to local and international evangelism, spreading the message to those young and old, that they have a heavenly Father who loves them and created them to live fully alive.

Led by Pastor Ronnie Phillips, Abba's House is a place where people can receive grace and restoration, and live in the freedom to pursue their God-given purpose. Every week, we gather together for worship and to hear Biblically-based teaching in services, small groups, and community outreach events. Media opportunities are available online and through multiple platforms, extending into virtual spaces and bringing the gospel into living rooms and gathering places around the globe.

For more than 70 years, Abba's House has been a place where worship is passionate, Christ is celebrated, the hurting are welcomed, and the prodigal is embraced.


abba's house exists to...

• Experience God's Kingdom 
• Extend God's Grace 
• Empower Others 

We Experience Kingdom through our gatherings (corporate worship) and embracing a diverse, biblical, kingdom culture. 

We Extend Grace through serving others, sharing our faith, and helping them find freedom from the bondage of sin and religion.  

We Empower Others by educating them in the word of God and inspiring them to become all that God has called them to be.

We Are A House of Grace!

We are a house of grace, built on the foundation that we are saved and set free by the beautiful, relentless love of Christ. The same grace is available for you!

Grace is found in a relationship with Christ, not religion. 
Grace is God’s gift to us, and begins at the cross where Christ died and took our sin, and the judgment we deserved, upon Himself.  Our sin was not ignored or overlooked, but a Holy God chose to withhold the punishment that was due us, instead making Jesus the ultimate sacrifice for our wrongdoing. Jesus’ death and resurrection makes it possible for all to be restored to a right relationship with God.  
Because of that restoration with God, we at Abba’s House want others to be restored as well.  We will not judge their sin or count how many times they fail, but will extend to them the love of the Father.  We will welcome anyone and everyone, and show them the same grace we have been shown.  We understand that grace is a process that allows people to grow in their relationship with Christ. 
Grace is powerful not passive. 
Because this new relationship with God has made us fully alive, we now have the Holy Spirit with us; the same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead.  He is the Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind --- the Spirit of truth, life, and peace who helps us live and walk in the freedom Christ won for us on the cross. 
As we submit ourselves to the Spirit who dwells within, we will receive power and guidance for daily living. We will long for things of the Spirit rather than things of the flesh.  We will no longer be conformed to the world, but transformed into the image of Christ by renewed minds.  
Grace in action frees us from bondage, and releases us into purpose. 
Before Christ died for us, we were helpless under the Law which made us aware of sin, but could not save us.  Because of grace, we have died to sin and now live free from the bondage of sin.  Grace that leads to freedom is not a license to continue to sin.  The Bible tells us that we are now to live by the Spirit according to our purpose and calling.   
Abba’s House will be a place where people can find their God-given purpose and have the opportunity to utilize their spiritual gifts --- serving as evangelists, prophets, teachers, administrators, encouragers, etc. in the church and the community --- to extend His grace and Good News to others. 
Grace can’t be contained, it must be shared with others.  
People who have been extended grace, who have been set free from sin and bondage, and who have been able to walk in the purpose to which God has called them, can have the greatest impact in the lives of others.  At Abba’s House we purpose to demonstrate the gifts of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. That means we will be inconvenienced without grumbling or complaining.  We will respond to hatred or anger with a soft and gentle answer.  We will love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and as Christ loved the Church, by giving of our time, talents, and treasures as God directs through the His Holy Spirit. We will extend the grace we have been shown to all we come into contact with.