Epic Kids Camp



  • What to bring on Wednesday Night (June 5)
    We ask that your child wear clothes suitable for rec time.

  • What to bring on Thursday Night (June 6)
    Tonight will be our “water night”. During camp we’ll have rec time in the gym so be sure your child wears suitable clothing. We’ll end the night by going outside for our water night, so please either allow your child to wear clothes that can get wet or pack them a swimsuit ("one piece" suit for the girls). And please allow your child to bring a towel.

  • What to bring on Friday Night (June 7)
    We’ll end camp with our second annual Color War. Kids need to wear a white shirt if possible. Please know the color powder we’ll use for the color war can stain clothing, so we recommend kids not wear any new clothes. The color powder can also lightly stain shoes. So please do not allow your kids to wear new shoes on this night.


  • Cell phone
  • Bible or journal (Bibles will be provided during discussion time)
  • Water bottles (we’ll provide children with water breaks)
  • Food (Please have your child eat dinner before dropping him or her off at camp each night)
  • Other than rec clothes, your Epic Camp Kid doesn’t need to worry about bringing anything else.

Time Until Event



Register your child for Epic Kids Camp by May 31.  Beginning June 1, the price increases to $30.

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