Georgia Misson Trip

We will be traveling to the country of Georgia to hand out scriptures and do personal evangelism as part of the Black Sea Campaign in July 2020. Here is the info you need to know as you pray about joining us.


Depart Friday, July 10 for Georgia and return Sunday, July 20 to the USA.


$2315 (includes airfare). The cost includes: quality lodging in an efficiency apartment with kitchen, private bath, washing machine, iron, blow dryer, and linens in a safe location with security, two meals a day, translator for each group, campaign related transportation, and a day of sightseeing. The cost does NOT include breakfast each day or food while traveling.

Trip Info: 

Here is how it works. When you arrive in Georgia, your team will be joined to a team from a Georgian Church. After a couple days of spiritual and cultural prep, we will position your American/Georgian team at one of several distribution points in strategic locations. Each distribution point will be challenged to hand out several thousand John/Romans scripture portions each day. The Holy Spirit will guide you as you engage each person with the help of a translator provided.

Georgia is a wonderful safe destination for tourists from neighboring countries like Iran, Russia, Turkey, Etc. You will be amazed at how friendly and fond these folks are toward Americans. Many of them speak English.

You will also hand out invitations to the citywide crusade at the end of the week. A citywide crusade in the form of a Christian Concert will be the grand finale for each group. Beginning with Praise and Worship teams to prepare hearts, guest evangelists will present the Word of God to close the weekly crusade with the Gospel. We could see thousands saved and lives changed as we encourage and strengthen Georgian national churches and believers.

Payment Schedule:

March 1: $200 Non-refundable deposit due to hold your place
April 15: $1400 due (plane ticket)
June 1: $715 due


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