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A new 6 week semester of Groups begins June 18, 2023. Sort Groups by days of the week, location, demographics, and interest. For off campus groups, the leader will send you the location before the semester begins.  Unless specified, all Groups begin meeting the week of June 18.


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Crazy Love

When: Sunday, 9:00 am - 10:00 am
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Crazy Love is a LifeGroup geared for couples with kids. Our mission is “a place where we can live, laugh, love, learn, grow, give and serve together”. Our passion is to encourage, equip and empower couples so that marriages and families thrive in Christ, understanding that strong marriages equal strong families which equal a strong church. Our class theme is “behold how they love one another”. Come experience God's Crazy Love for yourself.  We are more than a LifeGroup, we are family.

Day: Sunday
Time: 9-10am
For: Married with kids
Length: Ongoing
Location: Building A, Area 1
Leader: John & Kim Jaques, John & Melissa Giles