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So how do you get connected in a big church? Here at Abba's House, we offer a wide variety of LifeGroups for all ages and interests, full of friendship and accountability. We encourage every member to find a group for valuable fellowship and growth! 

Most LifeGroups are meeting on campus with social distancing while continuing online classes for those who are not ready to come back together yet (these classes are marked as hybrid classes in the description).  LifeGroups at the Hixson campus begin at 9am.

Building Room Key:

Building A - Faith Building (to the right of Abba's House from Hixson Pike)
Building B - Abba's House
Building C - Hope Building (to the left of Abba's House from Hixson Pike)


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Crazy Love

When: Sunday, 9:00 am - 10:00 am


Crazy Love is a LifeGroup geared for couples with kids. Our mission is “a place where we can live, laugh, love, learn, grow, give and serve together”. Our passion is to encourage, equip and empower couples so that marriages and families thrive in Christ, understanding that strong marriages equal strong families which equal a strong church. Our class theme is “behold how they love one another”. Come experience God's Crazy Love for yourself.  We are more than a LifeGroup, we are family. (Couples with Children hybrid class)


John & Kim Jaques,  John & Melissa Giles


A - Area 1