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Find Friendship and Accountability in a Small Group


So how do you get connected in a big church? Here at Abba's House, we offer a wide variety of LifeGroups for all ages and interests, full of friendship and accountability. We encourage every member to find a group for valuable fellowship and growth! All Sunday morning LifeGroups begin at 9:15am.

Then go beyond Sunday morning with other Growth Groups that meet at alternate times throughout the week for study on particular topics. Growth Groups are an opportunity to gain targeted study in a specific area or on a particular subject.  These Growth Groups will help you continue to grow in Christ and be continually expanding your knowledge of God’s word and how to apply it in your daily life. 

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Becoming One

When: Sunday, 9:15 am - 10:15 am


Now that you are married with children, we want to help you build a great team together. This authentic class will help you discover Biblical secrets to crack the communication code in marriage and to reap the benefits as God intended. This fun group is focused on developing God-centered friendships and addressing the dilemmas of young families.


Rob & Ashley Nelson, Brian & Sonja Phillips