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Find Friendship and Accountability in a Small Group


So how do you get connected in a big church? Here at Abba's House, we offer a wide variety of LifeGroups for all ages and interests, full of friendship and accountability. We encourage every member to find a group for valuable fellowship and growth! 

Most LifeGroups are meeting on campus with social distancing while continuing online classes for those who are not ready to come back together yet (these classes are marked as hybrid classes in the description).  LifeGroups at the Hixson campus begin at 9am.

Building Room Key:

Building A - Faith Building (to the right of Abba's House from Hixson Pike)
Building B - Abba's House
Building C - Hope Building (to the left of Abba's House from Hixson Pike)


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Just The 2 Of Us

When: Sunday, 9:00 am - 10:00 am


This LifeGroup is passionate about building strong marriages by focusing on “Just the Two of Us”. Couples of all ages are welcomed, but primarily they focus on couples without children. It is true that staying active and social is a gift of every Christian. Once the children are grown, or before the family starts, it is time to focus on you and your mate in this fellowship. (Married couples 50-65 with no children or empty nesters hybrid class) 


Vernon & Chris Lundeen, Carole Hoffman