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Thanks to the motivated group of people who volunteer their time at Abba’s House, what is accomplished through this church is awesome! Our Volunteers are the essence of Christianity; passionate people getting involved and making a difference. The story of Abba’s House starts with people seeking out opportunites to help our community and share their story of faith along the way. Are you ready to begin your Abba's House story? There are many places you can get started. Find a ministry that interests you, then take a test drive to make sure it's a good fit for you before you commit. It couldn't be easier!

Help us take our services to the world

Every week, hundreds of people join us online for our worship services. Some of them are members who are homebound or sick, but others are scattered around the globe and don't have a church like Abba's House in their area. You can help us reach beyond the walls of the church by serving in the Media ministry. 






Administration Support

Your gift is in organization and details. You have time to help on weekdays during office hours, and like to be involved in logistics. There is a place for you to serve at Abba's House!

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Media Support

You love all things technical and like to be behind the scenes. Some might even consider you a tech geek, but God has uniquely gifted you to enhance the worship experience in the room and to take it around the world.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Pick a ministry or two and take a Test Drive to see if it's a fit for you. Fill out a quick form and the ministry leader will contact you about your Test Drive.

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Bookstore Support

Working with the public energizes you. Coffee flows through your veins. Handling money doesn't stress you out. Any of these are good indications that volunteering in the Bookstore is right up your alley.

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